5 Tips to Step Up from Good to Great Boxer

Boxing is considered as one of the most ancient sports. It dates back to 3000BC and it finds its origin in Egypt. It was introduced in the Olympics by Greeks in the late 7th century. You may wonder why I’m starting with this, but the point of mentioning the background of this ancient sport is that it has been practiced over the ages. Which is why It has adopted many improvements and evolved over time. So, to excel in this sport a vast number of techniques and practices are available. You may have gained expertise in the beginning practices and techniques, to the point where you have excelled to the level where you can be called a good boxer. But do you have the urge to be a great boxer? If you do, you must know that there is a very fine line between a good and a great boxer. Asa brief introduction, a good boxer knows what he is doing while a great boxer has the expertise to learn what the opponent is up to.

To master this skill you will have to push your limits a bit further or maybe more than that. Even if you are a newbie in the field with the aim to be a great boxer, the knowledge and practice of some expert techniques at a beginner level will benefit you more than anything else. Every human on earth strives to be better. So in a field like this, it will be hard to survive if you stick to the old practices and techniques. If one does, there is very little chance for them to excel in boxing.

1. Technique vs Power

For such an aggressive and wild sport, it is generally considered that it is all about power and punching as hard as one can but this is not the case. This approach results only in drainage of the boxer’s energy.

Boxing is about strengthening your body, the technique to use that strength and utilizing your energy in the right way. A smart but wise boxer can easily knock down a strong and heavy opponent with the proper use of techniques.

A good boxer knows that there is always room for improvement. As a beginner, you may find it more important to strengthen your body and muscles. However, you also need to learn the techniques to attack. Which will ultimately help you to utilize your strength in a better and more efficient manner. Proper techniques will not only improve the strength of your attack but it will also teach you how to take a punch.

2. Use your every move

It may seem like it’s a sport for the wilds, but boxing is for those who do not lose their concentration even when they’re furious. Instead, they know how to channel this energy into damaging their opponent as much as possible. Inside the ring, it is very important that you choose your every move wisely and make sure that it fulfills its purpose to the fullest.

You must observe the openings of your opponent, once you get to know their weak spots you can take advantage of it. You do that by engaging them with jabs and then attacking with your full might to cause maximum damage

3. Strengthen your defense

We call it ‘The Sweet Science’ because boxing requires you to be calm and while improving your offense, you must focus on strengthening your defensive techniques as well. It is an art to attack to get the maximum damage while taking up the least damage.

Beginners usually focus on their attacking skills and techniques, while ignoring the defensive part which leaves them panting and exhausted in the end. It is obvious that if your defense is weak, your opponent is not going to leave you alone till all of your energy is drained. Which breaks down your stamina and slows you down.

4. Observe your opponent

It is not wrong if we say that boxing is a game just like chess. If you aim for victory, you must have enough knowledge about your opponent. In order to beat them, it is very important to know what their style is and what techniques they may use in which situations.

To learn about your opponent, the first and foremost helping guide is their fight videos. It is the best available source of learning how they fight and how you can counter or defend their power attacks. This helps you to choose what techniques and abilities you are going to show inside the ring.

You may not be able to find the videos or any prior guidance about your opponent’s style in the beginning of your boxing career. In such cases, you need to be very alert, very observant and attentive during the competition. You have to learn their habits as fast as you can without damaging yourself. Mostly one can easily predict the next move of his opponent around the middle of the match

This section cannot be concluded without mentioning the most important of all regarding this. Listen to your coach! Listen to whatever they tell you in the breaks in between the rounds. This is important because history shows that victory comes to the one who learns and improves even in the middle of the match.

5. Coach’s Advice

To step up from being a good boxer to a great boxer, you have to combine the wisdom of your coach with all your own power and abilities. To learn the wisdom from your coach, you need to learn all his experiences. Learning only comes with humility and if it is accompanied by hard work the success is a must!


There is a number of good boxers out there but the one who stands out is the great boxer. If you are ready to push your limits, you can use these 5 tips to help you reach and focus on this ultimate goal.