What Our Customer Say
  • Great for bag work for a beginner like me.

    Great gloves for a beginner like me. I only use these on punch bags, no actual sparing etc as I only box for fitness. I find these comfortable to use with good weight behind them.

    They feel nice to wear and when combined with my gel knuckle wraps I don't find my knuckles getting sore. Which is great as when I used my previous MMA style gloved I found I went to work with red raw knuckles (same wraps however). Not good for my line of work where I wash my hands every 20 minutes or so (healthcare), plus some of my patients commented it actually looked like I had been fighting. Not good!

    So these gloves solved all that, and I couldn't be happier! My workouts feel more intense and my hands don't get torn to ribbons.

    Everlast Elite Prostyle Training Gloves


  • Great Beginner’s Gloves!

    They're pretty good gloves. They seem durable, and fit just right for my hands. There are better gloves out there, but for this price, they're perfect for people who are interesting in boxing. I've used them moderately for the past 2 months, and they still feel as wholesome as when I first got them.

    Everlast 1910 Training Glove Hook Loop


  • Value for money

    Quality product form a well-known brand. Although this is fairly basic it does the job well. Provides the right level of head protection for light sparring. When worn the vision is good and the cheeks are protected from impact. The inner material does absorb the sweat which prevents the head guard from moving around too much. However, the fastening system around the chin strap is a little fiddly with the velcro but it works ok. This was a large and for an average size person, 5' 11" it fits well, others have used it in the gym, smaller and larger and there's been no problems with the fitting.

    For the cost it's great value and can be worn by all levels, used for boxing but would be ok for other contact sports.

    I've been using this for 3 years and its still in great condition, give it a good wipe down after use and it cleans ok.Would recommend.

    Everlast Evercool Headgear

    Kheel M

  • Great gloves for training

    Really love my gloves! It was difficult to find women's gloves that weren't pink (!). But these are great for training (I think you'd want pro gloves if you're going in the ring.) They're easy to do up and I find them very supportive on the wrists. I use glove inners that add extra padding (I have small hands). I also recommend the glove inserts for keeping them smelling nice - a must!

    Everlast Womens Powerlock Hook & Loop Training Glovess

    Miss Fletcher

  • A Puncher’s Dream Bag!

    This bag is a hard puncher’s dream bag...it is the closest thing to hitting a real body. It has the perfect amount of give and allows you to not hold back...it’s great on your hands and elbows. You can swing freely knowing you will not hurt your hands or elbows.

    Everlast Hydro Strike Water Bag


  • Best Hand Wraps Ever

    I'm thankful that these exist because I was never that great at wrapping my own hands. No worries about fitting inside of my gloves, either. Will order several more of these in the future! Love them.

    Everlast Ever-gel Glove Wraps


  • Sufficient padding, long-lasting and washable

    When I set up my home gym in the fall of 2005, I got a heavy bag at a local sporting goods store. I had used one at the last commercial gym I trained at and really liked it. I bought a couple of pairs of boxing gloves with the bag. I used them for several years, until they began to smell so much I couldn't stand them. So I checked Amazon and looked for new gloves. These Everlast gloves appealed to me, as the description said they were washable, so I ordered a pair in April 2010. They worked just fine, padding my hands sufficiently for hitting the heavy bag. I tried washing them (in cold water and hang dry), and they came out just fine with no damage. So I ordered a second pair in June of the same year. That way, I always have one pair that doesn't smell, while I am washing the other pair. But I don't need to what them very often, maybe once or twice a year.

    I only hit the heavy bag once or twice a week for my morning cardio (I walk on other days), but I have been doing so with these gloves for over four years (it now being October 2014), and I've washed them several times. Both pairs are still in fine condition. So I am giving these Everlast gloves five stars for providing the needed padding for hitting a heavy bag, for being long-lasting, and for being washable.

    Everlast Ever-gel Glove Wraps


  • Love these Gloves!

    Was a bit apprehensive because of the mixed review, but these gloves turned out to be exceptional! They provide sufficient padding (I ordered 14oz) for my boxing class at the gym, really comfortable to wear, and I no longer sprain my wrist doing hooks thanks to the excellent wrist support of these gloves. It also comes with breathable storing bag, which is very handy. Overall, would highly recommend!

    Everlast Velcro Pro Style Training Gloves


  • I use these with clients.

    I use these with clients. They are comfortable and light. I stopped holding mitts because of the impact on my joints. So far these have really diminished the stress.

    Everlast Pro Elite Mantis Mitts


  • Love them!

    These gloves are great for general training! I have quite small hands and find regular gloves are too big for my hands, even with wraps, and these fit me really well. I'm sure these would be good for boxfit as well, though the 14 oz is probably a bit heavy for that and I would recommend using the lighter 12 oz ones for boxfit.

    I've had them two and a half years and they're starting to fall apart a bit, but I do use them quite heavily. Definitely good value, and the colour is distinctive so I never lose them. They have lasted quite long and the padding is fine.

    Everlast Velcro Pro Style Training Gloves


  • Look and Feel Good

    They feel and look good, and I've been using them for bags, sparring, and mitts.

    Everlast Powerlock Training Glove Lace


  • i love PINK!

    First is the color. I chose pink so no one in my household would be tempted to use my gloves. And, I love pink! Second, the fit. Very comfortable to wear. Third, painless. No matter how hard I hit the bag, my hands/knuckles do not hurt. I started out using my bare hands on the bag and found out quickly that it hurt! I was casually using my daughter's karate bag and didn't want to invest in a set of gloves, however, after a few sessions, I knew my hands would appreciate the extra padding. I didn't know much about gloves so went with a brand name I recognized (Everlast) and have been very happy with my purchase. I also appreciate the large velcro tabs around the wrists. They're large enough to grab with the opposite glove (note, the thumb is connected so you are somewhat limited in grabbing the velcro piece) or to grab with your teeth (which feels like the legit boxer move anyways!). I've been very happy with these.

    Everlast Velcro Pro Style Training Gloves


  • Top

    Quality is top

    Everlast Evershield Single Mouthguard


  • Just like UFC Gloves

    Some very Nice gloves if youre looking for the same type as the pro UFC gloves

    Everlast Martial Arts Pu Open Thumb Grappling


  • Compact cardio punching bag perfect for in my small space.

    I can see what the other reviews meant about it not being able to take a good punch the spring gives the bag a pretty good kick back so its only really good for light punches and taps. I wouldn't recommend if you are a bigger guy because i don't think it would last and you'd probably need more weight on the base. But overall for me (5'4 Girl) its just what i needed to get a good workout in.

    Everlast Cardio Fitness Training Bag


  • Enjoy!!!

    The air pump takes a while to fill especially for an outofshaper like myself. Filled the base with tap water. Purchased 6 months ago. No leaks from the base and no leaks from the bag after a twice a week stress reliever. Using simple MMA sparring gloves to protect hands and wrists. Be careful not to over fill the bag "before" inserting the base bar. I had to bust out the baby powder, even then I got lucky so follow the instructions lol that it comes with. Simple and effective if used and followed :o) Great product for a home gym

    And be careful if you fly punch it Newton's 3rd Law of motion seriously applies. I found this out the hard way too.

    Everlast Cardio Strike Bag


  • Just perfect!

    Perfect in my garage, tried LOADS of different brands; this is the best quality, size, and most easily adaptable by far. Great workout for hand speed and co-ordination, plus movement and defense.

    Lonsdale L60 Barnbarner Leather Reaction Ball


  • Good

    Very good gloves and good fit. Really amazing for trainings in big bags.

    Everlast Pro Style Grappling Gloves


  • Would recommend them for lightweights

    i bought these for my young teenage daughter, who is now into boxing. the only gloves i had were my actual boxing gloves....too heavy for her to just train in, and learn to hit the heavy bag. they do the job of comfortably protecting her knuckles and the wrist strap if fairly long to wrap around more than once for added wrist support which is a must to keep from injuring them. no complaints, the are open finger, so they don't get too hot and are lightweight. i recommend them to anybody wanted light training gloves, for heavy bag or sparring.

    Everlast Training Grappling Gloves


  • Comfortable and Light

    I use these with clients. They are comfortable and light. I stopped holding mits because of the impact on my joints. So far these have really diminished the stress.

    Everlast Pro Elite Mantis Mitts


  • Well worth it

    This suit is well worth the cost. I wear when running sometimes, and am impressed how it holds up - never torn (yet!). Yes it costs quite a bit more than those cheaper €15 - € 20 "sauna suits", but wow, you do get what you pay for. The rubber membrane isn't 100% impermeable though (far from), so if you get drenched and sit in a chair (like to remove your shoes, of your car seat after a run), you'll leave a pretty large wet mark where you sat (made of mostly salty sweat - so take note with the fine furniture!). Will buy again.

    Everlast Super Sweat Hooded Sauna Suit


  • Good All-round

    Happy with the quality overall. I've had it for 3 or 4 months now, some of the air has leaked out a bit, but other than that I'm happy with it. It was pretty easy to inflate.

    Everlast Anti-burst Inflatable Balls 75cm


  • Highly recommended.

    I am an avid work out kind of guy and I like to mix up my routines as much as possible. In doing so, I have added in jumping rope between my sets. I have owned a number of ropes, but have not found one that I like as much as this one. This is a fantastic rope - period. The action is very smooth (because of the barrings in the handle I assume) and the rope just feels good to use. The handles have a great feel to them and I have found that my speed and form have improved since getting this rope. I don't know exactly what it is (weight, construction, etc...) but I don't think that I would use another rope now. Highly recommended.

    Everlast Deluxe Speed Rope


  • Great Ab Roller

    This is a great Ab roller especially for balancing.

    I am currently doing 120 reps a day 480 reps 4 days a week. Along with my high protein diet and packing in carbs like eating a bowl of pasta.

    I have noticed a drastic change. Requires motivation and it will take time to notice the effects.

    Advice: do not do to much when starting out. One will more the likely pull a back muscle. I did and was out of commission for two weeks.

    You need to allow your core to get used to the workout.

    Everlast Duo Wheel


  • Great fun for the boys!

    My 6 year old wrestles and boxes with his dad and now he always says "wait, I have to get my battling gloves on!" and runs for this set, he just loves it! I got his dad a set and they thoroughly enjoy themselves! A great deal!

    Everlast Family Training Set


  • Punching paddles

    First time using paddles to train, very surprised with these, lightweight tools. They are a pleasure to train the heavy punchers with. Quality construction.

    Everlast Leather Punch Paddles


  • Weight Lifting Wrist Support

    The Everlast weight lifting wrist support does the job. The loop that fits around your thumb holds the support in place as you tighten it. You can easily make this support very tight or provide just enough compression to prevent wrist strain. If your wrist is weak, this is a great, necessary item for lifting. And it's thin enough so that you can also put on weight lifting gloves over the Everlast wrist support.

    Everlast Wrist Support 30cm


  • Oldie but goodie

    this little device is a powerful and actually works...it targets the inner and upper thigh and strengths the groin.

    Everlast Thigh Toner Shape & Tone


  • Very nice ball very nice quality superb balance and superb durability

    Very nice ball very nice quality superb balance and superb durability. No stickiness like most low quality excess gym balls have like cosmos which has a grease like texture Everlast doesn't has. Highly recommend.

    Everlast Stability Ball 55cm


  • Great oldschool weighted rope.

    These are the ropes of olden days when men were made of iron and ships were made of wood. Hah just kidding. These are seriously great oldschool ropes that boxers were notorious for using in their training. I love skipping with this rope because it's rugged leather and you can get plenty fast with it if you'd like and it takes far more endurance to skip with a weighted rope then it does with those delicate little carbon fiber plastic pieces of girly crap they sell nowadays.

    Note: Make sure you purchase the 9.5 ft rope if you're around 5'10 or taller. The 8 foot rope is super short and only works well for people who are like 5-5'6 feet tall.

    Everlast Leather Jump Rope Non Weighted Hand 9.5ft


  • Slimmer Belt Plus More

    This belt does more than slim I wear it everyday because of back pain. I apply my rub than put the belt on and it feels good and I am able to go through my daily routine with less discomfort. I don't know if it has anything to do with the magnets but as long as I get relief from the pain I don't care. I will be ordering another one.

    Everlast Slimmer Belt With Magnets


  • Good deal

    Looks very nice. Not bulky at all, but feels very comfortable. I really like the materials and the quality. Looks like it is very rugged and at the same time it looks elegant. For that price it is definitely a good deal.

    Everlast Shadow Boxer


  • Best Push Up bar out there.

    I have used a number of these bars and all but this one have been returned to the store I purchased them from or never purchased after trying them out in store. This one is unique. It is strong and stable even with wide angle push ups. These are sturdy enough to support my 6'5" 265 pound frame and stable enough to allow me to go as far out as I feel comfortable. They would probably support an even more extreme angle. Great Product and worth every penny.

    Everlast Push Up Stand


  • Jump Rope

    Excellent product. Great quality.

    Everlast Pro Weighted & Adjustable Jump Rope